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  1. [Frequently Asked Questions]

    If I want to make a change in design as I wish, what’s the minimum order quantity?

    You can order more than 1,000 sheets for one design.​

  2. [Frequently Asked Questions]

    Can I make a change in DAFIX form beside the design?

    We charge one time for wood engraving when you change the design.
    Please make a request for quotation since price varies with design.​
  3. [Frequently Asked Questions]
    How long will it take for custom production before its delivery?

    After the payment is submitted, it takes 15 days from the date design AI file is received.
  4. [Frequently Asked Questions]

    How much weight can one DAFIX hold?

    One sheet can withstand about 1 kg of weight.​

  5. [Frequently Asked Questions]

    How much is purchasing price of DAFIX?

    KRW 2,500 per sheet
    Please contact us for a purchase in large quantities. (+82-31-911-0470)​
  6. [Frequently Asked Questions]

    How much is delivery fee?

    Standard shipping charge is KRW 3,000. If you purchase 10 sheets or more, shipping is free.​

  7. [Frequently Asked Questions]

    After rinsing DAFIX with water, when should I start using it again?

    Rinse under running water and let it dry to restore adhesive strength.
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